CA/C Ch. First Dawn at Tavirosh "Paris" JH/WD/CGC/TDI - Pedigree
(Born: 3/21/94)
Breeder: Betty Scaife, UK

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Acredale Acclaim to Fame

Oakring Golden Delicious
Full Ch. Oakring Double Whisky Of Belcrum
Ch. Belcrum Ruffian's Rant
Scotch Mist at Belcrum

Belcrum Billy-Jo Of Darnacan
Darnacan Bobbity Bowster Of Belcrum
Belcrum Golden Pheasant at Tavirosh
N. Uch Clumbrolds Lille Buddha

N. Uch. Welladays Wilda-Matilda
Int. Ch. Welladays Wilds-West
Tavirosh Emerald Green
Full Ch. Scarsdale John Barleycorn Of Belcrum

Tavirosh Sky Blue Pink
Tavirosh Salmon Pink
Trevabyn Trevarrack at Redmarsh

Colland Country Style
Sh. Ch. Ruff N Tuff at Acredale
Acredale Acclaim to Fame
Tollylog Angus Mor Of Belcrum

Dobre Desire
Sh. Ch. Paws for Thought at Acredale
Dawn Dancer
Trevabyn Trevarrack at Redmarsh

Sh. Ch. Lilt Of the Kilt at Belcrum
Redmarch Gotta Lotta Bottle
Tioga Mollie Moonraker
Fatpastures Stocking Topper

Sh. Ch. Marshmarks Missy
Marshmarks Misseve