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Miss Beans
Pirate & Flower
Natelee Rose

CH Bella Vita Devil's Dew, "Pirate"
CERF clear
CH Bella Vita Honey Dew, "Flower"

CERF clear

DOB: 3/26/02



"Flower & Pirate"

"Pirate" CH Bella Vita Devil's Dew
Best Opposite Sex                              Best of Breed

"Flower" CH Bella Vita Honey Dew
Best of Winners

Pirate and Flower - Christmas 2005

Pirate & Flower's PEDIGREE

Meet our latest additions Bella Vita Devil's Dew and Bella Vita Honey Dew (above), also known as Pirate and Flower or Pie Pie and Flo. These little girls are the offspring of Dewars and Taylor and their resemblance shows.

Miss Pie Pie who looks like Howdy Doody, is a very silly and sweet girl that loves to run and play and kiss all the other dogs. She is very well behaved and has a fascination for the chickens. She is very much like her dad and gets a lot of her charm, looks and personality from his side of the pedigree.

Flo, on the other hand, is the spitting image of Taylor and just as sneaky and cunning and independent. She loves to play in the water, especially when it is coming out of the hose, and is always muddy. Flo likes to carry sticks around, and just like her Mom, is always digging and looking for food. She has an automatic alarm clock for a brain and lets you know when it is time for important things like eating and going out to play and is very vocal and demanding. Miss Flower is very stubborn and can also be a sour puss when she doesn't get her way. Like mother like daughter!

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